The kids love this. 10x better than cheaper playmats

The kids love this. It replaced two poorer quality toy mats and covers a decent amount of space. The detail on the cities is fantastic, and well beyond you get anywhere else. The smoothness of the finish also means their small toy car wheels don't get caught.


FEB 2020

NYC car play mat

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this rug!!!! I searched several days on trying to find a rug that was a decent size and road size for Hot Wheels. Well I found one!!!! This mat is huge and my boys can practically drive 2 hot wheels on the road simultaneously! The mat is incredibly comfortable and super nice! Very pleased with ordering, shipping, and everything! We will definitely order another mat from this company/brand. Thank you!

Tabitha C.

JUN 2019

Great buy! Love it!

I love this rug in our playroom! It’s a really cool almost wetsuit like material. So it’s easy to wipe up spills and vacuum messes. My kids love playing on it. I wish I could have one in every design!


SEP 2019

Best car mat out there

I normally don't write reviews, but wow. This mat is gorgeous! My 1yr old LOVES rolling her OBall Disney cars through the London streets. Plus, the River Thames lets dock her boats. It is soft rubber backed and waterproof on top. Honestly, the surface is perfectly smooth. Her cars/boats move very easily. You cannot go wrong with this mat. London's coloring is so well done too. Matches her play room spot on.

L.M Freeman

NOV 2019

Very Sturdy

My kids ADORE this play mat! I think the New York one with the bright colors is super cool! Very well made.

Kim P.

DEC 2019

Beautiful and unique!

This play mat is so gorgeous! I purchased the London one for my daughter for Christmas. I never write reviews, but it’s just so gorgeous. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. I love that it is a real location with real buildings and great detail. I mostly picked this because of the colors. We have more of a pastel vibe in our home and this matches perfectly. I didn’t like how the typical car mats were more primary colors, this one is just so gorgeous. The size is also huge! Multiple kids and adults could play on the mat at the same time.

Elise Friedrich

DEC 2019

Best one I've seen

I searched so hard for the best car rug in a modest price range, and this one was the only one that seemed durable and within budget. The driving surface is smooth so you don’t have to worry about snagging carpet fibers (a common problem I saw with other car rugs). It’s has a no-skid backing so I don’t have to mess with a rug mat underneath. The roads are, for the most part, big enough for commonly used cars (the Disney Pixar Cars 3 cars are a little wide on the roads, but not enough to complain). Lastly, it’s modeled after a real place, so we can talk about that as the kids play. We are pleased, our three-year-old is pleased. I recommend this one hands down.


OCT 2018

Amazing SYDNEY play mat.

Amazing. Love that it’s got our city on it. You should do one for more cities!

Gemma Simons

NOV 2019

This is the car rug you're looking for!

I spent a lot of time to find the right rug for my sons hot wheel cars and was not disappointed. Very smooth surface to roll the cars on and nice rubber bottom so it doesn’t move.

Andrew Reid

AUG 2019