About Us

We are an Australian & Finnish family drawing on inspiration from both of our backgrounds and heritage. At the heart of our business are our two beautiful children, ‘Oliver’ & ‘Kai’ who give us inspiration every day and are the reason we named the business after them. Beside being the best parents we can be, we have a desire to design functional, fun and educational children's products.



Playful and practical children’s clothing made from high quality organic cotton, comfortable to wear and designed to be long lasting. The prints and patterns are designed by us and manufactured ethically in Europe. Certified standard OEKO-TEX 100.
Designed to be worn over 2 sizes to save you time and money – your child can still wear the same pair of pants over 2 sizes, because of the double folding ribb on the waist and cuffs! We have the same extra long sleeves in our shirts and the back height is longer in design as well, so your little one’s back stays covered and warm while playing outside.


We have designed our own unique kids playmats as well. Based on great cities of the world, all the buildings have been designed around the originals to provide kids with a unique, fun and educational experience to encourage and facilitate learning.

All of our kids playmats come complete in a long beautiful tube, perfect for storage, and great for a gift idea. Our mats are also delivered rolled, not folded which can ruin the integrity of mats. The surface is a soft, completely flat, and easy to clean Polyester surface (just like a mouse pad). The backing is made with Natural Rubber and meets all safety regulations.